Exhibitor Setup Guide 2020

For Immediate Release
September 30, 2020

Exhibitor Setup Guide

This is a guide specifically intended to help Exhibitors prepare for the Expo. It covers several key subjects such as the Event Timeline, Building Guidelines, Fundraising Tools, and the Hunt.

Note: You must have the SciFi Expo group in order to have early access to the regions for setup, and important information.

This guide has been put out in two parts; the first being this guide, and the second being the actual Exhibitor Kit. The Exhibitor Kit was sent out in-world in a group notice. The kit contains a copy of the Promo Kit, the Hunt Kit, and the event-specific Fundraising Tool requestor.

Event Timeline

Listed below are several key dates & times that you should keep in mind while preparing for the Expo.

  • Setup Days: October 11th – 13th
  • Early Access: October 13th – 14th, 11 am SLT
  • Region Restarts: October 14th, 11-11:30am SLT
  • Opening Ceremonies: October 14th, 12:00pm SLT
  • Closing Ceremonies: October 28th, 12:00pm SLT

Note: the SciFi Expo Regions will have daily restarts, however times may vary.

Shopping Guide

We will be having a shopping guide listed on our website for event exclusives when the event opens. In order to be listed you must fill out this form with the appropriate information about your event exclusive items.

For your product(s) to be included, you must have filled the form out by 12:00pm SLT on October 13th.

(Please ensure you read through the form carefully so that we can get the correct information to use.)

Building Guidelines

Texture Size Preference:
The preference for texture dimensions are 512×512, especially in vendor images. The higher the texture resolution, the longer textures take to rez. It should be borne in mind that these high-res textures have a cumulative effect: each 1024×1024 texture uses four times the memory of a 512×512 texture, which affects load times and frame rates for our visitors.

Script Guidelines:
To assist with a better overall experience please try to keep your script loads down as per the guidelines detailed here. In a nutshell: No temporary rezzers or greeters. Group inviters and basic links are fine.

Fundraising Tools

All of our fundraising tools are supplied directly by the American Cancer Society in Second Life and are scripted to send donations to their official fundraising account (MakingStrides AmericanCancer or THE AmericanCancer). Fundraising tools have been sent out in a group notice in the Exhibitor Kit, however if you require another copy please contact one of the admins. The provided fundraising tools are as follows:

  • “ACS SciFi Expo Kiosk – OFFICIAL v23” – This is a donation kiosk, 100% of proceeds garnered go directly to Making Strides, and the event total.
    • While kiosks will be set up throughout the regions by the team, you are encouraged to also set one up in your exhibit.
  • “ACS SciFi Expo Vendor – OFFICIAL v23” – This vendor sends 100% of received funds to Making Strides and towards the event total.
  • “ACS SciFi Expo Split Vendor – OFFICIAL v23” – This vendor sends 50% to you, and 50% towards Making Strides, and the event total.
    • If you are a merchant/store, please remember that a minimum of 2 new event exclusive items must be sold in either a 100% or 50% split vendor. It is recommended you set them up ahead of the event.
  • “ACS SciFi Expo Gacha – OFFICIAL v23” – This is a Gacha vendor,
    • Please note this tool is new, and may have bugs.
    • Do not shift copy this tool, otherwise an error may occur. (You may instead take a copy.)
      • If you take a copy and rez it, you will be able to “Migrate” data from its last saved configuration or setup a new one. 

Note: Each tool comes with an instructional notecard, if you encounter any bugs, or issues please contact one of the admins for help.

Rocket Hunt Instructions

Thanks for participating in this year’s Rocket Hunt! Setup is quick and easy.
If you have any questions about anything, please contact one of the admins.

  1. Rez out the hunt object that came in the hunt kit. It is named “SE3 Rocket Hunt – <your booth name>”
  2. Right-click to edit it. Go to the Content tab. Drag your freebies from your inventory to the contents tab of the rocket. REMEMBER, you must have the rights to distribute whatever it is you put inside the Hunt Object. (see guidelines for more information)
  3. Go to the General tab. In the Name box, change the name from “SE3 Rocket Hunt – <your booth name>” to whatever your booth is actually named. For example, “SE3 Rocket Hunt – Joes’ Dungeon” (without the quotes).
  4. Hide the rocket somewhere in your booth.
  5. Rez the Hunt Sign in a clear and obvious place, preferably right outside the entrance, to let people know that your booth is participating.
  6. If you want to give hunters a clue, edit the hunt sign, go to the General tab. In the Description field, replace the word “none” with your clue.

Parcel Setup Guide

  1. Locate your parcel, it will be marked with the logo you provided at registration.
  2. Open up the About Land window.
  3. On the General tab, press the Buy Land button and pay L$0.
    1. (Parcels are set to sale to the primary contact listed on the registration form. In the event a secondary contact needs to purchase the plot instead, please contact an admin as soon as you can.)
  4. After you have purchased the parcel, you may return the prim logo marker.
  5. You may deed the parcel to a group, however if you do so the group must not be open to join.
  6. In the About Land window go to the Options tab, and uncheck “Build: Everyone”, and “Object Entry: Everyone”. You may leave them checked to group.
    1. See and chat with avatars on this parcel must remain on unless instructed otherwise by an admin.
    2. Reminder: Any form of access restriction such as banlines, or group only entry is against our guidelines. (If you feel the need to ban someone, contact an admin for approval.)
  7. Contact a SciFi Expo Admin for an inspection and final approval. (The admin will specifically be looking for any inappropriate and/or insensitive content, and lag creating items.)

Pre-Built Shops Guidelines:
Pre-Built Shop owners are asked to keep their builds inside of the space provided to them. What you build inside of your shop is at your discretion. Small objects outside of the shop such as a sign, or small decor items are allowed however nothing may extend outside of the boundaries of the shops 20 x 20 parcel boundary.

Bloggers & Media

Bloggers will be given early access to the regions starting on October 13th and also prior to the opening ceremonies on October 14th. If you are interested in offering review copies or contacting bloggers please contact us via email.

Additional Opportunities for Involvement

Events Registration Form

Volunteer Application Form

If you have any questions, concerns, or require any clarification please contact one of our admins for assistance.

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