Promo Kit 2020

For Immediate Release
September 7, 2020

We wanted to help get the party started a little early, so today we’re putting out a set of promotional materials that you can use to help promote the Expo with!

Please make sure to read the usage guidelines listed below.

2020 SciFi Expo Logo:

2020 SciFi Expo Posters:

Usage Guidelines:

Please be aware that by using any of these assets, you abide by the following guidelines. And also, due to the nature of being a charity event we ask that no modifications be made to the logo, or any assets we provide. In the event you wish to modify something please contact Benjamin Brougham by email ( for permission.

Blogs: You may upload upload SciFi Expo Logo, poster, or assets to your blog, provided that you are blogging about the SciFi Expo, and must provide credit to the SciFi Expo,

Flickr: You may not upload the SciFi Expo logo, posters, or assets to Flickr. Uploading these implies that you created them, which isn’t true. You may however upload an image containing the logo, or poster in-world, or on an approved item.

Use in Creations: You may NOT use the SciFi Expo Logo, Posters, or assets as a texture in your creations. If you wish to use an asset that has been provided by the SciFi Expo in your creation you must obtain written permission from Benjamin Brougham.

Vendor Ads: You may use the SciFi Expo in your vendor ads to show that the item was created specifically for the Expo, and benefits Making Strides. Use of this logo on a vendor ad is only allowed on a vendor that supports Making Strides. The SciFi Expo logo is attached below, and also included in the promo pack in-world.

If you have any questions or feel confused about whether you can use the poster, images or logo in a certain way, please contact Benjamin Brougham by email (

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